National Missing Children’s Day

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed May 25 as National Missing Children’s Day. Each year, the Department of Justice (DOJ) commemorates Missing Children’s Day with a ceremony honoring the heroic and exemplary efforts of agencies, organizations, and individuals to protect children.

Missing Children’s Day is dedicated to encouraging parents, guardians, caregivers, and others concerned with the well-being of children to make child safety a priority. It serves as a reminder to continue our efforts to reunite missing children with their families and an occasion to honor those dedicated to this cause.

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office is proud to commemorate this day.  Please take the time to review the National Center for Missing Children (NCMEC) posters for these missing New Jersey Children.

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Morris Sheriff Warns of Civil Process Scam

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office is advising the Morris County community to be aware of a continuing phone scam that is targeting residents of Morris County as well as communities nationwide.

Sheriff James M. Gannon said, “In the most recent calls, the caller and/or message will identify themselves as an employee of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Civil Processing Unit, and demand for a number not associated with our agency to be called immediately. In the event these fraudulent calls are received, residents should never give their personal or financial information over the phone. The Morris County Sheriff’s Office will never solicit methods of payment and/or personal identifiers over the phone.”

In 2017 and January of this year, similar scams surfaced posing as officers seeking personal information and Green Dot MoneyPak cards for false warrants, overdue IRS payments and non-appearance for jury duty. Residents should notify their local authorities should they receive these calls.

All agency information and contacts can be accessed and verified through this website.

Any suspicious calls regarding a civil service process can also be directed to 973-285-6600 during the day and 973-285-2900 after hours for verification of agency personnel.

Crime Prevention Tips to Help Avoid Falling Victim to this Scam:

  • Legitimate law enforcement agencies will not tell people to provide money card information to avoid arrest.
  • Be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment for any reason.
  • Never give out personal or financial information to anyone who emails or calls you unsolicited.
  • Never wire money, provide debt or credit card numbers or Green Dot Money Pak card numbers to someone you do not know.
  • Remember that anyone who has the number on a Green Dot Money Pak card, has access to the funds on the card.
  • If you have received a phone scam call, try to gather names, the phone number and location given, and report it to your local police.

Report tips and remain anonymous by contacting the Morris County Sheriff’s CrimeStoppers at 973-COP-CALL or from your mobile device. NO ONE WILL ASK YOUR NAME!

Verbal Judo Instructor Course for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Unique Course to Train the Trainer 

Verbal Judo Instructor Course for Law Enforcement and Criminal JusticeA special five-day Verbal Judo Instructor Course, specifically geared to law enforcement and criminal justice personnel, will be held at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy in Parsippany on the week of Sept. 10-14.

Sponsored by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, the course — billed as the “Original Tactical Communication Program” — will be hosted by instructor Doug Haig, vice president and senior national instructor trainer for the Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.

Verbal Judo Training is an opportunity to learn life-changing skills to prevent potential conflicts from escalating out of control.

It offers police working the streets, first responders and others the tools needed to increase of positive outcomes, thereby keeping complaints to a minimum. Tactical training can reduce the threat conflict and violence, and resultant litigation.

Verbal Judo Instructor Course for Law Enforcement and Criminal JusticeAccording to the Sheriff’s Office, “There are cameras and recording devices everywhere!   In-car cameras, body-worn cameras, cell phone cameras, all recording police interactions.  It is not enough to be good, or to look good, you must sound good, or NO GOOD!  Verbal Judo gives police the way to accomplish their professional objectives through tactical verbal techniques.”

The five-day course is a certification and re-certification program for law enforcement and criminal justice personnel only.

Class time each day will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (0800 to 1600). The dress code for all students is either a department uniform or a collared shirt and dress slacks.

The cost is $1,495 per person for instructor certification and $1,195 for re-certification, plus the cost of transportation, lodging and meals. Attendees must be sponsored by their law enforcement agencies.

For more information call 800-448-1042 or [email protected]. You may also reach out to Lt. Mark Chiarolanza at 973-285-6644 and [email protected].