Civil Process

The Writs Unit handles Summons and Complaints, Wage Garnishments, Levies, and Evictions. Please call 973-829-8068 or email [email protected].

The Pre-Sale Foreclosure Unit deals with all foreclosure matters prior to sale. Please call 973-285-6702 or email [email protected].

The Post-Sale Foreclosure Unit manages all foreclosure matters after they have been sold (including deeds). Please email [email protected].

About Sheriff’s Sales

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the preparation and auctioning of real property. A foreclosure is a sheriff’s sale of real property.

Foreclosure Listings

While every effort is made to insure that these foreclosure listings are accurate and timely, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office does not warrant or guarantee the reliability of same.

Process Services

The Legal Services Division handles a large volume of paperwork in connection with the processing and service of Summons and Complaints, Notices of Motion, Orders to Show Cause, Subpoenas, Writs of Replevin, Writs of Possession and Writs of Execution.