Sheriff James M. Gannon Announces Promotions of Two Sergeants

Both Leaders in New Jersey National Guard

Sheriff James M. Gannon announces the promotions of two (2) sergeants for the Morris County Sheriff’s Office. Corporal John Rospond was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Detective/Corporal Doug Meyer was promoted to the rank of Detective/Sergeant. The officers were promoted in a ceremony held on August 6, 2018, in the Historic Courtroom of the Morris County Courthouse with family, colleagues and dignitaries present.

Sheriff James M. Gannon Announces Promotions of Two Sergeants
Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon discusses the importance of the Historic Courtroom during the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Promotion Ceremony on August 6, 2018.

Sheriff James M. Gannon began the ceremony pointing out the significance of being in the 191 year old courtroom down the street from where the Morris County Sheriff’s Office began on the Morristown Green in 1739. “As an agency, it’s always important to know where it’s been and to know where it’s going. These promotions are the result of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and most of all, leadership that both of these individuals have demonstrated.”

Sergeant John Rospond is a decorated law enforcement officer and veteran. He began his career in law enforcement with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 working in the Protective Services Division. In 2005, Sergeant Rospond was transferred to the Emergency Services Section as a K9 Handler. In 2007, Sergeant Rospond returned back to the Protective Services Division and was assigned as a Corporal in 2014. His current duties include supervising Access Control of the Morris County Administration and Records Building, as well as being a Division Training Officer, an active shooter instructor and a member of the Honor Guard and Marine Patrol. Sergeant Rospond has been awarded the Sheriff’s Achievement Medal three (3) times, the Honorable Service Medal, the Unit Citation Medal two (2) times, the Professional Service Medal, the Educational Achievement Medal and the Veterans Service Medal.

Sergeant Rospond has additional duties with the New Jersey National Guard. He began his military career when he enlisted in 1990 and was assigned to

Sheriff James M. Gannon & Sergeant Rospond share a laugh during promotion ceremony.
Sheriff James M. Gannon and Sergeant John Rospond share a laugh during the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Promotion Ceremony on August 6, 2018.

an Artillery Surveyor. In 1993, Sergeant Rospond began a two (2) year tour on the Counter Drug Program, working with Customs and Border Patrol. He served two (2) deployments overseas in Iraq in 2004 and 2008 as a team leader, then as a Platoon Sergeant and later as Operations Sergeant. In 2012, he was promoted to 1st Sergeant in A Battery. In 2015, Sergeant Rospond was assigned as the Operations Sergeant for the Battalion and the Brigade Fire Support NCO. In June of 2018, Sergeant Rospond was promoted to Command Sergeant Major at Fort Dix with Sheriff James M. Gannon in attendance. Currently, he is assigned as the Command Sergeant Major for the 3-112th Field Artillery Headquarters in Morristown.

Sergeant Rospond is a highly decorated veteran who is a recent graduate of the US Army Sergeants Major Academy. He was a member of the Green Village and the Rockaway Township Fire Departments.

Sergeant Rospond will continue to supervise in the Protective Services Division and will command and manage the newly formed multi-agency search and rescue team, to include local fire and police personnel.

Sheriff James M. Gannon said, “Sergeant Rospond respects everyone he interacts with.”

Detective/Sergeant Doug Meyer began his career with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office as an intern in 1999 and held several civilian positions until his hiring as a Sheriff’s Investigator in November of 2001. Upon his academy graduation in 2002, where he received the prestigious Firearms Award for top proficiency, he was assigned to the Protective Services Division.

Sheriff Gannon & Detective/Sergeant Doug Meyer holding Meyer's promtion certificate.
Sheriff James M. Gannon presents Detective/Sergeant Doug Meyer with his promotion certificate on August 6, 2018.

In June of 2003, Detective/Sergeant Meyer was transferred to the Emergency Services Section where he began training as a K9 Handler. In 2006, he attended the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville, Alabama where he took on an additional duty as a Bomb Technician. During his tenure in the Emergency Services Section, he received training and experience with patrol dogs, narcotics and bomb detection dogs as well as search and rescue and arson detection dogs. Detective/Sergeant Meyer became a firearms instructor in 2013 and instructs at the firing range for the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and police recruits at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy. In February of 2015, he was transferred to the Crime Scene Investigation Section where he received training in ballistics. In September of 2016, he was transferred to the Bomb Squad as a full time Bomb Squad Commander and was promoted to the rank of Detective/Corporal.

Detective/Sergeant Meyer is also a member of the New Jersey Army National Guard where he currently serves as an Infantry Sergeant in C Troop 1st / 102nd  Cavalry.

Detective/Sergeant Meyer will continue his responsibilities as the Commander of the Office’s Bomb Squad.

Sheriff James M. Gannon commented, “Detective/Sergeant Meyer is a true success story, starting as an intern and rising through the ranks. His level of expertise and experience with numerous cases in the county are a true asset to the Bomb Squad.”

Prescription Drug Drop Installed at County Govt. Center in Morristown

Offers Safe Disposal Site for Prescription Drugs

Morris County employees and residents now have an additional location, inside the county government complex in Morristown, to safely and conveniently dispose of unwanted or leftover prescription drugs.

A new Prescription Drug Drop Box has been added to the lobby of the Morris County Administration and Records Building, which is located at 10 Court St. in Morristown, directly across from the Morris County Courthouse.

Green drug drop box with a deposit drawer
Prescription Drug Collection Unit located in the Morris County Administration and Records Building in Morristown

The locked drop box is available to the public and Morris County employees during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

It is important to note that businesses or clinics may not use the collection box to dispose of medications.

“This is a central location for the public allowing people to discard their medications in a safe and secure area, while also offering convenience for county employees,” said Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon.

 “We fully support the Sheriff’s initiative as another positive step to deal with the opioid crisis we are facing in Morris County,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Director Doug Cabana.

The new drop box is clearly labeled to identify items that may and may not be deposited.

Acceptable items include pills, capsules, patches, vitamins, samples, pet medications and over-the-counter medications. Medication packaging also will be accepted, such as pill bottles and small medication boxes.

Not acceptable: syringes, liquids, lances for diabetic testing, inhalers, thermometers and aerosol cans, and of course any type of trash.List of unacceptable items for the Prescription Drug Drop Box

Since 2013, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office has been part of the successful Prescription Drop Box Program under the Community Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Morris, (an initiative of nonprofit Morris County Prevention is Key), in conjunction with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and numerous Municipal Police Departments within Morris County.

The Community Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Morris looks to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of drugs in Morris County.

Since 2013, there have been 26 drop box installed at various locations in Morris County, making it easier for county residents to dispose of unused or expired medications, said Barbara Kauffman, Director of Prevention Services at Morris County Prevention is Key.

“I have been proud to work with both the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, to equip each of the Morris County Police Departments with a Prescription Drug Drop Box,’’ said Kauffman, who is the coordinator of the Community Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Morris.

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office collects the medications with 25 local police departments that host a collection unit. The Sheriff’s Office has destroyed more than 30,000 pounds of medications in the last six years, including 6,563 pounds so far in the first half of 2018.

The medications are weighed, logged and stored prior to destruction.

Sheriff James M. Gannon, who has been an advocate in the fight against the opioid epidemic said, “The gateway to this disease often begins with legally prescribed medicine that is overused or used by people other than the patient. My hope is that by collecting and destroying unused medications, we lessen the access and thereby block potential beginnings.”

To find a list of Prescription Drug Drop Box locations, please visit