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Under the leadership of Sheriff James M. Gannon, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing highly technical and specialized services to local law enforcement agencies.

Sheriff James M. Gannon

Sheriff James M. Gannon is the 77th Sheriff of Morris County and is serving his first term.


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Bureau of Law Enforcement

The duties which come under the auspices of the Bureau of Law Enforcement—many of which are directly and specifically mandated by New Jersey law—are as extensive as they are varied.

Sheriff’s Office History

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office came into existence in the 1700s and for well over 200 years now, has steadfastly remained committed to serving the residents of Morris County.


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OPRA Request

Get information about, and submit, an Open Public Records (OPRA) request.


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Immigrant Trust

This Directive establishes important protections for New Jersey’s Immigrant Communities.

Office Policy

Policies from the New Jersey Attorney General.