Morris County Sheriff’s Office awarded $55,938 in overtime costs for protecting President Trump

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded a reimbursement of $55,938.90 in federal funds to cover overtime costs it incurred, in 2018, while protecting President Donald J. Trump during his visits to New Jersey.

Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon observes Vice President Mike Pence in his limousine pass through Morristown
Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon observes as Vice President Mike Pence and his security entourage pass through Morristown in August 2018.

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office played an integral role in the protection of the President for the duration of his periodic visits to the State of New Jersey. In particular, President Trump frequently travelled in and out of the Morristown Municipal Airport. The Morris County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), K9 Section (explosive Detection Dogs), Motor Unit, Bomb Squad, and Special Operation Group (SOG, a tactical medical component) all worked under the direction of the United States Secret Service (USSS), Newark Division, during these Presidential Protection Details.

On seventeen (17) occasions in 2018, the United States Secret Service specifically requested the assistance of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, as well as several other local police agencies, on protection details as President Trump visited his New Jersey residence. When these details occurred during normal business hours, the Sheriff’s Officers were assigned at no additional cost to the Morris County taxpayer. When their services went into overtime hours, Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon applied for relief through a federal grant known as the Fiscal Year 2018, Presidential Residence Protection Act (FY2018 PRPA).

Throughout 2018, the Sheriff’s Office thoroughly tracked the assignment of personnel towards this end, and in late October the office filed for the grant. With the assistance of then-Congressman Leonard Lance, the Morris County Sheriff sought federal reimbursement funds for the County of Morris. A decision was expected in late December of 2018, but the shutdown of the federal government delayed that pronouncement slightly.

This week, Sheriff Gannon was notified that his application was deemed appropriate for the award of fifty-five thousand, nine-hundred thirty-seven dollars and ninety cents ($55,937. 90) in reimbursement funds to the County of Morris.

Sheriff James M. Gannon said:

It was very important to me, to seek available relief from the federal government, on behalf of the Morris County taxpayer, so as to not add an undue financial burden to our residents.”

Sheriff Gannon commented further on the emergent professional relationship forged between the Sheriff’s Office and the USSS:

It is truly an honor to be requested by the Secret Service to aid in the protection of the leader of the free world, I am proud of all of our officers for the exemplary and professional manner in which they carried out these duties.”

    “Here in our area, we have a mutual and cooperative relationship and are always available to aid the USSS, through our friend and colleague, Special Agent in Charge Mark McKevitt.”

    Morris County Sheriff’s Office SERT Commander Eugene Fluri said:

   “I am full of pride for the subsequent invitations afforded to members of our County’s Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) and K9 Unit, to travel to the United States Secret Service Training Facility in Laurel, Maryland where they trained alongside the world’s foremost protection experts, the United States Secret Service.”

   “In 2019, we will again been afforded an opportunity to return to the center in order to continue this valuable drilling experience.”