Morris County Sheriff Releases Statements on the current Heightened Threat Picture

Profile of Sheriff James Gannon in uniform
Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon

On October 28, 2018, Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon said:

“In light of the recent mail bombing attempts, and following the horrific acts of murder and terrorism in Pittsburgh, I have asked that we redouble our efforts at the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in support of the strong efforts of our local police chiefs who are doing the same.”

“We have been continually patrolling houses of worship and points of our critical infrastructure since the time I entered office, last week, and again yesterday,  I bolstered those efforts to reassure our neighbors in the Jewish Community. We have added visits by Sheriff’s Officers to our normal patrols of these locations. An attack on any one religion, culture or race, is an attack on us all.”