Corporal Valvano receives National Merit for community contributions

Congratulations to Corporal Erica Valvano! Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon presented Cpl. Valvano with the Medal of Merit from the National Sheriffs’ Sheriff gannon presenting Cpl. Valvano the certificate in his officeAssociation for her contribution to her community and to the Field of law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.  Cpl. Valvano is assigned to the Sheriff’s Operational Services Section and she works with various community outreach entities.


Morris County Correctional Facility Takes Another Step to Support Inmates’ Post-Incarceration Success

The Morris County Correctional Facility has modernized its inmate classroom to offer the technology needed to allow for a more proficient environment for inmates to further their education.

With the installation of new computers and software, inmates can take General Educational Development (GED) preparation classes in a more efficient manner, and provide the educator with quantifiable results regarding student progress.

“This is an excellent upgrade to our corrections facility, one that will give inmates a chance to improve their education so they will have a better chance after incarceration of getting jobs and leading productive lives,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Director Doug Cabana.

With this modernization, the inmate instructor can get a snapshot of the cumulative time spent by students on each educational area. The instructor also can obtain a complete history of students’ scoring percentages to determine their readiness to take the state GED test.

When students are fully prepared, they can apply to take the test and receive a high school equivalency diploma upon successful completion of the test.

To foster support post-incarceration success, inmates who have not completed their GED while in the correctional facility will have the ability to make a seamless transition to outside educational establishments, which offer similar GED programs, to complete the process.

“It is my position that there are four components imperative to inmates’ success upon release from a correctional facility; Housing, Education, Employment, and Aftercare Support Services,’’ said Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon.

“I am very impressed with the upgrades within the correctional facility and also with the continuity of educational services an inmate will receive post-incarceration.  I am confident that a higher level of education will yield a lower level of recidivism within our jails.  This is a great step in the right direction to support a productive lifestyle within our community.”

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Morris County Sheriff’s Office carries the Torch for Special Olympics

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office participated in the 35th Anniversary of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics New Jersey.

Members from both Bureau of Law Enforcement and Bureau of Corrections ran a four mile stretch and their respective unions donated a combined $1,300 to this great cause!

13 officers pose in t-shirts and shorts before their Torch Run
Thirteen (13) members of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office prepare for their part of the 2018 Torch Run for Special Olympics New Jersey.