Sheriff’s Office conducts Evacuation and Training at the Courthouse

Employees and members of public seen walking away from the Courthouse.
Employees and members of the public evacuate the Courthouse during a drill on November 22.

On Wednesday, November 22, officers of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office participated in an evacuation and active threat training drill at the Morris County Courthouse during working hours.

The Courthouse was closed to the public from 11am-1pm for the event where employees and members of the public were instructed to leave the courthouse. Electronic signs were visible around the Courthouse notifying the public of the drill and the Morris County Sheriff’s Office posted a message on their FaceBook page of the same.  After the successful evacuation, a large scale active threat training drill was conducted involving the entire agency. Across the street, the Administration and Records Building remained open during the shut down.

Officers watch several video monitors during a drill.
Undersheriff Mark S. Spitzer and Chief Edward K. Crooker monitor the screens during the active threat drill on November 22.

“This is the first time a drill of this caliber has been conducted during working hours at the Courthouse. The Morris County Courthouse is a critical infrastructure. The Morris County Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility of not only protecting the judicial staff, but the state and county employees as well as the public entering the Courthouse to conduct daily business. I am very impressed by the jobs these officers did. We’re going to see more of this training in the future,” said Sheriff James M. Gannon.

Sgt. Rawa addresses approx 20 Sheriff's Officers.
Sgt. Walter Rawa briefs the officers of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office prior to the active threat drill.

The drill went extremely well overall for the first time being conducted during normal operating hours. All participants successfully completed their tasks at hand reinforcing the level of training the Morris County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide,” said training coordinator Sgt. Walter Rawa.

Det. McMahon working K9 Chip, a yellow lab, around a garbage can.
Detective Corporal Michael McMahon and K9 Chip go to work during the active threat drill at the Morris County Courthouse on November 22.