Sheriff’s Office K-9s recognized by Assemblyman Bucco

On Wednesday, November 1, Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco of the 25th District presented Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Sigmund & K-9 Loco citations for their work that led to the arrests of four Philadelphia men who are accused of breaking into Ledgewood Powerspots in early August.

wall of names of K-9s who've passed away

On August 3rd, 2017, at approximately 2:12 am, Roxbury Township Police were dispatched to Ledgewood Powersports located at 1368 Route 46 East, Ledgewood on an activated burglar alarm. Roxbury police officers arrived on scene and observed four (4) individuals running from the building.  A foot pursuit ensued and officers set up a perimeter to contain the subjects.  Officers on scene immediately called for the Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Section to respond.

Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Det/Sgt. Tomasini arrived on scene and utilized K-9 Sigmund, a certified patrol dog to search for the subjects.  Following a trail of human scent, K-9 Sigmund was able to track over 50 yards in heavy brush and located and arrested two subjects.  K-9 Sigmund then continued to track human scent in the nearby area resulting in the apprehension of two more subjects.  K-9 Loco, along with handler Det. Carbone, also assisted at the scene. A few days later, Roxbury Police recognized the K-9s with steak dinners.

Assemblyman Bucco presents the citation to Sheriff Gannon, an officer, and a K-9 dogAssemblyman Bucco extended praise and commendations to the K-9s at the K-9 Section’s kennels as he presented the citations and treats.  “I am honored to recognize the officers of the Sheriff’s K-9 Section as well as the dogs that work by their side.  I’m not sure that the residents of Morris County realize how well trained these animals are and how often the dogs are utilized.  The dogs and their handlers are called upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Like in the Roxbury case, the calls often come in the middle of the night and in all kinds of weather to protect us and keep us safe.  The taxpayers of Morris County are well-served by this Section because municipalities can call when they need assistance, like when Sigmund and Loco were called in the middle of the night in Roxbury to track down four (4) burglars.  They say dogs are a person’s best friend, except if you are a crook in Morris County!” said Assemblyman Bucco.

Sheriff James M. Gannon said, “This citation just proves that Assemblyman Bucco and the New Jersey General Assembly understand how valuable our K-9s are to law enforcement, and how their hard work pays off in keeping the public safe.  I am very proud of the work the handlers and K-9s do to maintain our high level of service to the residents of Morris County.”

Det/Sgt. Tomasini said, “It is not very often that our K-9s receive such a prestigious recognition for the great work that they provide our community every day.  At the end of the day, it is a great feeling knowing that a revered community leader like Assemblyman Bucco supports what we do, and lets us know that we are doing things right at the Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 section.”